Our mission

Life is a collection of tiny miracles. Whether it's your child’s first smile or your pet’s first trick, Firsties is your partner in savoring these precious moments. Our mission is to help you capture these magical milestones and easily transform them into beautiful, powerful, lasting memories. Imagine capturing not just events, but emotions, in full HD. That’s Firsties!


Our story

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It all began with a photo album I wanted to make for my son's 10th birthday. As I was browsing through hundreds of Oliver's photos, I sadly realized that many of the magical memories I thought I had of him were either never actually captured or I simply couldn’t find them. I asked myself how can it be that so many important moments were not captured and what can I do to assure this won’t happen again with my daughter Liya? Could I also help other parents capture all their special moments? THIS is the question that ultimately gave birth to Firsties. Since that initial “aha moment”, my husband, our two co-founders and I have assembled a great team to accomplish our vision. We are excited for you to follow along our journey and be a part of the Firsties family. Natalia Daniel, Co-founder, Firsties™

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